How to Treat Upper Respiratory Infection

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treat upper respiratory tract infectionThe respiratory system is one of the most common areas where bacteria or virus love to thrive on. Usually, these infections may be classified as upper respiratory infection (URI) or lower respiratory infection (LRI). However though, today’s post will be centered on URIs although a little will be touched about LRIs.

Starting off, any upper respiratory inflammation occurs as a result of viral of bacterial infection on the areas including the nose, throat, pharynx, and larynx. Once they have been left untreated, they can progress to infections of the lower tract including pneumonia and bronchitis. Some of the URI-related conditions include – common cold, strep throat, sinus infection, rhinitis, laryngitis, and pharyngitis. URIs may be contagious enough and can be easily spread from one person to another. Therefore, one must take actions on how to treat them. So how do you go about getting rid of them? Let’s see.

How to Cure Upper Respiratory Infection

Since most URIs are associated with symptoms of flu including slight fever, muscle aches, and headache, it is necessary that fever meds and other analgesics may be given to provide relief from the condition. Over the counter medication are also given to get rid of coughing spells. On the other hand, intervention for runny nose may be given through antihistamines and decongestants. For strep throat, medicated lozenges are given to alleviate itchiness and inflammation of the throat.

Home remedies are also proven effective in eliminating problems of the upper respiratory tract. With this, you can perform the following:

  • Steam inhalation to thin down mucus in the tract and facilitate breathing.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids such as water to provide hydration. Fruit juices and warm herbal teas such as ginger, honey, and lemon are beneficial as well.
  • Humidifiers in the room to maintain the level of humidity is also encouraged.
  • Getting plenty of rest to allow your body to recover from the condition is a must as well.

Antibiotics and viral meds are usually given to speed up recovery. However, this should be consulted to your doctor to ensure proper medication treatment and facilitate speedy recovery from the condition. Good luck!




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