How to Treat Xerosis

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Xerosis is the medical term used to refer to dry skin. The surface of the skin dries our excessively thus resulting to pruritus characterized by symptoms of flaking, chapped, and itching. Oftentimes, the condition also results in eczema or atopic dermatitis, and may be found in any part of the body particularly the face and feet.

One of the associated causes why the problem happens is due to the change in weather as well as frequent bathing where the skin loses its moisture. This can be acquired genetically as well. The skin condition may manifest to all ages, however elderly people are more prone to experiencing the problem. To be faced with it can create a big discomfort. Don’t fret though as there are some ways which can help you on how to treat xerosis.  Learn how it can be treated by following our tips below.

How to Cure Xerosis

Basically, the best way on how to go about getting rid of the problem is to seek treatment via your physician. He will then help rule out what causes your skin condition and may order some blood testing to further diagnose the underlying cause. At times, your doctor may also prescribe you with creams which contain salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids. Corticosteroid creams may be given to alleviate inflammation as well.

Home Remedy Cure for Xerosis

As part of the treatment plan, there are a couple of self-help tips you can employ on how to care for the situation:

  • Moisturize yourself on a regular basis.
  • Drink plenty of fluids particularly water to keep you hydrated.
  • Limit bathing since it can dry the skin even more. Use non-allergenic soaps.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the skin to prevent drying and scaling of the skin.
  • Apply the prescript meds given by your doctor. There are also plenty of over the counter fragrance free ointments that are beneficial for the condition.

And as always, you have to bear in mind that once the condition gets worse despite the treatments, you can always seek for your doctor’s advice. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at other pictures of how xerosis looks like.




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