How to Treat Xerostomia

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xerostomia dry mouthXerostomia – the word sounds too technical that many would be left wondering what its definition is. What is xerostomia you ask? Apparently, this is the medical term given to refer to the condition wherein there is a reduced production of saliva in the mouth. In a simpler term, the condition is known as dry mouth. Generally, the situation maybe due to several causes such as the following:

  • increasing age
  • medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and Sjogren’s syndrome
  • intake of certain drugs
  • stress

Xerostomia syndrome may bring about signs and symptoms including serious oral problems like dental cavities, gum, and teeth inflammation, bad breath, and speech and swallowing difficulties, although, we get dry mouth at times; a diagnosis of the condition can be upsetting. Luckily, this articles lists down some tips on how to treat xerostomia,. Learn more as we tell you how to do so.

Steps to Treat Xerostomia

Basically, the core of treatment for the problem is to find out what the underlying cause is. Once proper treatment plan has been made for the patient, a visit to the dentist at a regular interval is the next step. Fluoride treatment is usually prescribed by a lot of dentists since there is an increased build-up of cavities when suffering from it.

A couple of self-help tips can be taken as well to fight off the problem.   A patient can do any of the following:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids, particularly water, to keep the mouth hydrated at all times.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene by using products made for xerostomia syndrome.  Make sure that your mouthwash rinse doesn’t have any alcohol or else the condition will be triggered.
  • Sucking on sugar free non-acidic candies to keep the mouth wet.
  • Avoiding consumption of caffeine and alcohol since they further reduce the flow of saliva
  • Salty food should be limited as well
  • Cigarette smoking should be stomped since it’s one of the culprits for the occurrence of dry mouth.

Breathing through the nose to prevent the mouth from drying is also a good way on to treat xerostomia can be extremely annoying but with the tips mentioned above, your quest to fight off the problem will eventually be lessened. However, should there be any unusual happening regarding the condition; make sure that you tell your doctor and dentist about it.




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