How to Use Digital Thermometer

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how to use digital thermometerAcquiring one’s body temperature is an essential process since it is an indicator whether the body is suffering from fever which may alter the function of the person. Oftentimes, recording of body temp is usually done by women who make use of it as a form of birth control.

Gone are the days when mercurial thermometer are used to read one’s temp as nowadays, most people rely on digital thermometer since they give quick and accuracy is proven effective in giving results. However, several individuals are still wondering how to use digital thermometer. Well, this is what we’re here for as given in this article is your quest on how to use of electronic thermometer.

Using Digital Thermometer

Generally, users may rely on the manufacturer’s label in order to obtain accurate and eliminate problems and discrepancies in readings from the device. As a whole though, it may be used by:

  1. You may want to clean your device with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. After doing so, turn the digital thermometer on. Most devices have buttons which you can press and a beep may sound to tell that it has actually been turned on and can be used already.
  2. Now, you can try to put it in your choice of route. Although the most common route is under the tongue, this can be placed as well in areas such as the under arm and rectum. For a baby, the rectum is the most suggested part where you can get the temp. When placing the thermometer on the specific area, ensure that the tip is placed securely on the site.
  3. Wait for it to make another beep which would then indicate that the amount of time is over, and that the result may be now be read. Normal temperature reading is 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. You may want to repeat the procedure if you want to see that the result is accurate. After doing so, don’t forget to clean the thermometer with another cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

Now, you can take note whether you are suffering from an elevated temperature and can clearly take actions regarding the raised temp by seeking medical or self-care treatment. But as far as how to use digital thermometer is concerned, the abovementioned steps are what you can do. Hope this has helped!




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Date: August 25, 2011 | Category: General Health
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