How to Use Honey for Acne – Cure / Treat Pimples with Honey

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honey to cure acne pimplesPimples, zits, and acne especially the cystic ones have their ways of annoying its sufferer. Oftentimes, sufferers by these annoying lesions are left embarrassed and worried at the same time on how to get rid of them. Although there is an array of over the counter medication treatment available, most of them just don’t address the solution. However, why not look right into your kitchen and use some natural ways and home remedies? Say, honey. Continue reading on below to find out how to use honey for acne.

How to Use Honey for Acne

It’s no secret that honey has been widely useful when dealing with problems of the facial skin alongside lemon juice for acne. Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help fight off the causes of acne. It has healing properties as well to help renew skin and eliminate scars and unwanted marks left behind by the irksome pimples. Moreover, honey is mild and chemical-free compared to many other commercially available pimple remedies.


To start using honey for skin, wash your face with a mild soap as you would normally do. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry skin after. Once you’re done, apply raw or manuka honey on face. Usually, this can be purchased in local health stores. Massage it on face and use it as honey acne mask. Allow it to sit for atleast half an hour before finally rinsing it off.

Regularly putting honey on the face as pimple remedy is an effective way to treat the condition. Now you’ve just learned another idea on how to deal with your acne. It’s up to you now if you’re going to give it a go.




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