How to Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Skin

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use lemon juice to lighten skinHaving whiter complexion has more advantages over those with dark-colored skin – this is just one of the ideas that the media has implanted to many consumers. Whether or not this is true, many individuals, particularly women, are just into having paler and fairer skin tone as this is their way of having a good body image.

With this, many beauty products have actually surfaced the market in attempt to give an answer to the quest of skin rejuvenation and give whiter skin. However though, most products and methods are usually harmful due to the harsh chemicals they contain. Moreover, they are just pretty expensive. Little did they know that there are a lot of effective and cheap home remedies available that can actually lighten skin and remove freckles and other dark spots in the body. It’s none other than lemon. But how do you use lemon juice to bleach and whiten skin, you ask? Let’s see.

Does Lemon Juice Really Whiten Skin?

The juice of the fruit is rich in Vitamin C which is beneficial in providing vitamins for the skin necessary for skin lightening. Moreover, it gets a natural astringent and bleaching property which can eventually give one’s skin a lighter shade.

Use Lemon Juice to Bleach Skin

Prepare the solution by putting some of the freshly squeezed fresh lemon or lemon juice in an empty spray bottle. Try to dilute the juice in a small amount of water and shake evenly. After the solution has been prepared, you can start testing it on a specific body part such as the neck. Wait for a while and take note of there is any allergic reaction that will take place.

Once you’ve ruled out any allergic reaction, you can start spraying the juice on any part of the body with dark spots or freckles. An easier method can be done by spraying some of it on cotton ball and then rub the cotton ball on the site. Let it sit for about half an hour, and then rinse off. Rubbing the rind of the lemon directly on skin is another natural way of lightening skin tone.

On the other hand, it comes with a little precaution such as performing this routine only at night since sun exposure can only darken the skin more. Moreover, this is just meant to be applied externally and not on cuts, scrapes, and blisters because it may sting a lot. Finally, yogurt and baking soda may also be added to the juice to provide maximum benefits.

How long does it take for lemon juice to lighten skin, you wonder? Well, if this routine is done on a regular basis, results may be seen in about two to three months. But as far as using lemon juice as skin whitening ingredient, the abovementioned tips may be of great help.




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Date: August 15, 2011 | Category: Beauty and Health
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