How to Use Opalescence Teeth Whitening

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Opalescence Treswhite Supreme Teeth WhiteningHaving nice and white set of teeth doesn’t just boost your self-confidence and smile, but it also shows how healthy you are inside. But to achieve this, do you always have to seek professional teeth whitening treatment which will ask you to shell out plenty of your resources? The answer: NO.

For instance, let’s take a look at the Opalescence Teeth Whitening treatment which has been widely recommended by many dentists and orthodontists as a useful tool in eliminating discoloration of your supposedly white pearls. Moreover, it comes in a lesser cost compared to other dental procedures. How do you go about using it to get those whiter teeth back? Let’s see.

Directions for Use of the Opalescence Teeth Whitening Product

There are actually a lot of products under this brand, but given in this article is the proper usage for the Opalescence Treswhite Supreme which comes in delicious flavors such as melon, mint, and peach. To start off, perform the following instructions:

  1. Before using the kit, rinse the customized tray thoroughly with warm water and air dry it.
  2. Drop a small amount of the whitening gel in the tooth mold.
  3. Align the tray over your teeth and press firmly. Remove the excess gel on it.
  4. Allow it to sit for the recommended time. Usually it is advised that it should be left on for 30-60 minutes.
  5. Once the time is up, carefully remove the tray and brush your teeth thoroughly. The trays should be cleaned as well for future use.
  6. Comply and continue the process depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. fr maximum results, the process can be done from 5-10 days.

The application and usage are generally easy and once you have followed them correctly, you’re on your way to boasting the self boosting big grin. Good luck!




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Date: August 15, 2011 | Category: General Health
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