Jellyfish Sting Remedy

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jellyfish sting remedySummer is the best time to hit the beach, but you know that your supposedly fun day is wasted when a jellyfish stings you.  This creature has tentacles filled with poison which can be fatal to your health when left untreated. When faced with the situation, it is important that you know some ways on how to treat it. Therefore, read on to learn more about jellyfish sting remedy.

First Aid Treatment for Jellyfish Sting

  1. Get medical help.
  2. While waiting for medical attention, get the patient out of the water immediately and start getting rid of the sting. As a responder, make sure that you are wearing gloves or other protective equipment to prevent you from being hurt.
  3. Get rid of the stinging by washing the area with seawater. One of the home remedies you can use is vinegar which is known to eliminate the stinging cells of the jellyfish.
  4. Cure any symptoms of discomfort such as pain and itch by application of hydrocortisone lotion or intake of medicine like antihistamine to eliminate symptoms. Over the counter pain medications may also be used as treatment.

For some people, they rely on urine as the best remedy for jellyfish sting. But according to medical professional, never urinate or pee on the affected area since it doesn’t have enough acid to get rid of the poison. Moreover, it can only pose one to serious infection when used as remedy. Opt for hot water or apple cider vinegar instead.

How long will jellyfish sting last, you ask? Usually, healing is within 2-4days. But in the instance when symptoms such as severe rash do not seem to go away despite treatment, it is important that you seek treatment accordingly to prevent unwanted reactions.

So there you have it. That’s how to go about treating jellyfish sting. Keep these interventions in mind and when you hit the resorts or beaches and faced with this instance, then nothing can spoil your vacation. Good luck!




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