Long Term Side Effects of Contraceptive Pills

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side effects of birth control pillsOne of the most effective methods to prevent pregnancy from taking place is the use of Hormonal Birth Control Pills. Through this, the hormones responsible for pregnancy of a woman, estrogen and progesterone, are maintained at a high level in order to avoid ovulation.

A couple of pills such as Yasmin or Yaz and even emergency contraceptive pills (morning after pills) have been a big help to most women because of its high success rate. But as much as they are helpful when it comes to preventing contraception, there are still some controversies over what the long term side effects of contraceptive pills are. Are these pills really detrimental to a woman’s health? Find out below.

What are the Side Effects of Long-Term Use of Birth Control Pills?

It has been reported that due to an increased level of estrogen, the woman who has been taking pills for a long time is prone to having breast cancer. Women who are over 45 years old and have been depending on contraceptive pills for a longer period of time have a higher risk of developing cancer. Other studies also have controversial results whether these can cause cervical, ovarian, or lover cancer.

Another side effect noted includes decreased sexual libido.  Based on some studies, most women experience pain during sexual intercourse since they do not lubricate much. Other related medical conditions linked to its use include problems in one’s vision, ectopic pregnancies, heart diseases especially to smokers, and compromised immune system.

Although not all these side effects have been medically proven yet, it is just important that the moment you decide to be on a pill, make sure that you’ve consulted your health practitioner to guide you better on what pills are best for your needs. But as far as the topic is concerned, the abovementioned facts may be of big help.




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Date: August 12, 2011 | Category: Women's Health
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