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Microdermabrasion Philippines CostUndergoing treatment such as microdermabrasion has been one of the most popular methods which many individuals opt to as a mean to battle with the never ending quest for acne as well as acne scars. And although the treatment is not generally made for acne treatment, many are just amazed with how it takes care of the problem.

Microdermabrasion is done with the use of tiny and rough grains via a machine which removes the layer of the skin’s surface. Therefore, dead skin cells are easily buffed off during the procedure. This is usually done by dermatologists and facialists. Not only does it remove acne scars, but it also gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles as part of ageing. Moreover, undergoing microdermabrasion is safer with a few noted temporary side effects than chemical peel since the latter makes use of chemicals which may sting a little. Okay, so this article will actually tell you more about microdermabrasion price in the Philippines. You’ll learn more of that by reading the rest of the post below.

Microdermabrasion Price in the Philippines

Many spas and dermatological clinic offer micro-dermabrasion treatment. The pricing per session generally varies depending on the clinic of choice. In a lot of spas, the cost of the procedure ranges from Php 500-700 per session. But in other well-known clinics, the cost of the treatment ranges from Php 1500-2000 per session.  The method can be rather costly depending on the number of sessions needed to achieve maximum results.

While there are spas and aesthetic clinics to help you perform the procedure, there are also commercially available microdermabrasion kits which let lets you do the process right at the comfort of your home.   The Do-It-Yourself Home Kits come in an array of brands such as Olay Regenerist, Mary Kay, and L’Oreal. The price differs as well but may be available from Php 2000 and up.

Once you’ve decided to undergo the procedure, you can always ask a highly reputable dermatologist to plan properly on how to get rid of the annoying acne and scars you have. But as far as microdermabrasion Philippines price is concerned, the above facts can be relied on as sources. Hope this has helped.




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