Natural Remedies for Gingivitis

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gingivitis natural curesGingivitis can only signify oral disease. This localized infection in the mouth results due to several causes, but the reasons that top its occurrence are poor oral hygiene and bacteria. Yes, bacteria help in the body’s digestive mechanism, however too much of these can pose great damage to the cavities in the oral area. The usual symptoms from a person suffering from gingivitis are bleeding and swollen gums, sensitive gums, and bad breath. Discoloration of the gums which range from reddish to purplish can also be among the symptoms.

Once early signs and symptoms are noticed, professional dental care should be sought immediately or it might progress to periodontitis. Sure, dental treatment should not be substituted for anything else. But in case you are wondering what natural remedies for gingivitis are, we have them in hand for you. Here are some of the effective natural cures through herbal and homeopathic remedies which can help you with treat your bleeding gums.

Natural Cures for Gingivitis

  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is always the best remedy on how to reduce the occurrence of gingivitis. Cavities and plaque build up will be greatly avoided if this is done.
  • One can also benefit from saltwater solution. A teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water can be gargled every two hours to help stop bleeding and swelling of the affected area.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also accounted to address the issue. A tablespoon of it can be added to a half cup of water. Gargle the solution in order to find relief from gingivitis.
  • Tea tree oil contains antiseptic properties which can be beneficial on how to get rid of the problem.
  • Garlic clove applied directly on the affected area is among the herbal remedies that can help in eliminating the problem. Garlic has antibacterial properties which will surely help in the condition.
  • Aloe vera gel may also be applied on the gum site since it has healing properties.
  • Lemon juice mixed with a glass of warm water can also be used as mouthwash which can help kill bacteria causing the issue.
  • What you eat is also beneficial in treating gum diseases. Therefore, include food rich in Vitamin C on your meals.

Dental pain and other diseases related to the mouth are horrible. But by following the abovementioned tips, suffering from gingivitis can be lessened. If it doesn’t heal despite many natural remedies for gingivitis though, make sure to talk with your dentist about it.




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