Neck Lift Surgery Cost

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Our skin was never an exception when they said that nothing lasts forever. It is always a part of the ageing process that our skin loses elasticity thus making it look saggy. And when we talk about the skin that sags, one of the most noticeable area where sagging of the skin is present is in the neck area. In fact, a couple of names such as Turkey Wattle and Turkey Neck have been named for it.

There are other several causes why the loose skin in the neck area may be visible. Some of the reasons include genetic fat deposits and weight loss. Okay, whatever the reason responsible for its occurrence, the thing is that having loose and saggy skin can make you lose your self confidence.

Although lifestyle changes and some exercises may help in eliminating unwanted fat deposits in the neck area, if you are hoping for a faster result, then say hello to neck lift surgery. Continue reading below.

Neck Lift Surgery – What it is

Apparently, this procedure can be done in three ways which is actually dependent on the patient’s needs. They can be via liposuction which removes excess fat, cervicoplasty which removes excess skin, and platysmaplasty which tightens the muscles in the neck. Usually, the procedure is done together with facelift and any other facial surgery.

Depending on the type of the operation performed, surgery in the neck area may take up to three hours. This is an outpatient case which only means that the patient can go home from the facility after the surgery. Incisions are usually made through a cannula alongside the help of an endoscope to further see the rest of the area.

Neck Lift Surgery – Recovery and Risks

After the procedure, it is normal that swelling in the affected area may be felt. Oftentimes, bruising is also associated with it. The recovery period differs from one person to another, but generally one will recover in two to three weeks time. Maximum result may be seen after seven to nine weeks.

Like any other procedure which is not dealt with properly, risks such as infection may be experienced. In some cases, there is loss in sensitivity in the neck area as well.

Neck Lift Surgical Procedure – Cost

The price rate of the operation actually depends on the needs of the patient and the facility where you would like to get the operation done. However, it is roughly estimated that undergoing such surgery may cost one about US $4,000 to $8,000.

And so, if the surgical treatment has gotten you interested, it is obvious of course that you play your part and make thorough research about your chosen method and not to mention the doctor that you want to perform it. All the best! Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some before and after photos of neck lift surgery.

neck lift surgery costbefore and after neck lift surgery




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