Reasons to Stop Smoking

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reasons to stop smokingThere are certain reasons why smokers should quit smoking. Who wouldn’t want to want to live long? Who wouldn’t want to experience a happy and healthy life? Everyone would love to for sure but there are those who could not really stop smoking, telling that they would die if they quit. But for sure if they are willing and would really want to stay away from that vice, they could do it.

You would likely to enjoy a life free from the risk of diseases and a longer life if you stop smoking. There are a lot of disadvantages it gives to the body. It is never good for the health. Smokers tend not to min these things because they are hooked by the vice but these are reasons to stop smoking that they must be aware of.

Why Do You Need to Quit Cigarette Smoking

  • It may be difficult to quit any vice but if you are willing and would like to have a healthy living then you can do it without any hesitation. It may be hard at first but you will eventually overcome it if you just control yourself. Think of your future. Live longer by being free from smoking.
  • You are at risk of developing cancer when you are smoking. Lung, breast and colon cancer are certain cancers caused by smoking. Never risk your life. You won’t get any good from it. It will never do good on you.
  • Smoking is also the cause of blindness for adults. Do not sacrifice the things you have to something that you can change.
  • For women who are smoking, this is one reason why it’s difficult for you to get pregnant. It decreases fertility and so it is most likely that you won’t be able to have a child.
  • Chain or heavy smokers don’t get good oral health. They tend to have poor condition of the teeth and gums causing them bad breath.

Quit smoking before you realize it’s too late. Prevention is the best thing you could do. It will all depend on your choices. If you choice to quit, that’s your decision but given the reason above, they are enough for you to decide to quit.




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Date: September 23, 2011 | Category: General Health
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