Slenda Weight Loss Capsule with Resveratrol

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slenda weight loss capsule with resveratrolNatural weight loss via pills has been one of the top searches in the Internet. And true enough, it can’t be denied that many individuals, particularly women, are still on the hunt for effective weight loss capsules which aren’t hefty and which won’t cost them untoward health issues.

Having said that, if you are living in the Philippines, then may be you’ve come across that commercial advertisement of Valerie Concepcion or the group of dancers which promote having beautiful and well-curved body upon the use of their product. Well, I’m talking about Slenda Weight Loss Capsule with Resveratrol.

Slenda Weight Loss Capsule – A Review

You’ve heard of Fitrum and Xenical, but this is another product which is making a name when it comes to diet pills. According to their Website, the capsule is an all natural and safe product to help you with your quest in losing weight.

Some of its main ingredients include Banaba, Turmeric, and green tea extract which aids in speeding up metabolism thus burning more calories. Another ingredient which sets it apart from other weight loss product is the Resveratrol which is commonly found in ref wine. One of the health benefits of Resveratrol is touted to help eliminate weight by preventing fat accumulation in the tissues.

Slenda Weight Loss Capsule – Dosage and Side Effects

The capsule is said to have no side effects at all, and although it regulates the bowel movement, no immediate surge of bowel movement may be experienced compared to other products of the same type.

One capsule is meant to be taken ten minutes before meals and maximum intake should be three times daily. This natural weight loss product is available at your local health stores at a price of 12Php per capsule.

And like what the item claims, enjoy its benefits and welcome the new you! Good luck!




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Date: October 10, 2011 | Category: General Health
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