Tips for a Healthy Liver and Kidney

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how to have a healthy kidney and liverThe liver and the kidney play a vital role in our body. The liver which is considered to be the second largest organ of the body do important tasks everyday as well as the kidney. Have you ever thought what will happen to you if you take advantage of them? Don’t you feel they need to be taken cared of? Well, the answer is still on your hands but there are ways so you could have a healthy liver and kidney. Know how important your livers and kidneys are.

Kidneys task is to filter the blood and removing the waste, gives contribution on the production of red blood cells and controls blood pressure as well. The kidneys are important as with the liver. You have to pay back to your liver for it cleans and filters the things that we intake everyday including air, fluids and food. The body is given strength by the liver for  it stores and releases vitamins that the body needs to be healthy.

Health Tips for Your Kidney and Liver

  • Keep a healthy diet. Maintain a good weight. Overweight people are those who are prone to having failures in the liver for they develop fatty liver. Consume just a little amount of fatty food items. Everything must come in moderation.
  • We all believe that medication will simply help us get back to the regular functioning of our system but be careful with the medication for you might take them incorrectly that will harm the kidneys and be unhealthy for your liver and so before taking any medication, you have to consult a physician first.
  • Stay away from alcohol and quit smoking as well. Do not ruin your internal system. Avoid chemicals, they are harsh to the liver and kidney. Those who have exposure to these things have a greater possibility of having liver cancer or cirrhosis. Wear protective mask when dealing with some chemicals. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking to keep your liver and kidney well- functioning.
  • Eating a healthy diet and not over using yourself will help you much to maintain a normal functioning of your kidney and liver. Eat fruits and vegetables and grains that will make them function well

Your wellness all depends on your lifestyle. Discipline yourself and choose wellness. There are ways. Keep these tips for a healthy liver and kidney.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: General Health
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