Tips to Avoid Oily Face

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Tips to Avoid Oily FaceAlthough having oily skin can be blamed to the excessive production of the sebaceous glands, a person who has it is not excused in keeping herself free from the appearance of having shiny and greasy face.  The situation can happen in both men and women, but women are more bothered by its presence. Therefore, a person suffering from the annoying situation can follow some of the tips to avoid oily face alongside other facial skin care techniques. Continue reading the guide below.

Tips to Prevent Oily Face

  1. Among the great tips is to eat a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.  Avoid fatty foods that can trigger oil. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking atleast 8-10 glasses of water is also beneficial in avoiding oily face.
  2. Never wash your face more than often.  Doing so can cause the sebaceous glands to work even harder in order for the skin to be moisturized thus producing more oil instead. Limit washing the face to two times a day using a mild and non-scented soap.
  3. Exercising on a regular basis can help control sebum production.
  4. Keep away from products especially facial cleansers which are alcohol-based which can dry skin.  As stated above, dry skin can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil thus leading to oilier skin.
  5. Facial or blotting paper is a good choice to control oil in the face particularly the T-zone. Even a clean tissue can do the role as well.
  6. Oil-free formula moisturizers and make ups are usually suggested to prevent skin from producing more oil.

Finally, you can also ask your dermatologist regarding treatment that can help stop oily face or maybe the right product which can put a stop on the situation.  Personally, I’m using Ella Blue Minty Fresh face wash which my aunt has given me, and fortunately it’s doing great. Well, these are tips to avoid oily face. Good luck on your quest!




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Date: March 17, 2011 | Category: Beauty and Health
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