Tips to Prevent Diabetes

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tips to prevent diabetes

Diabetes has been one of the most widespread illnesses these days. This is the condition where in the body could not regulate the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Glucose is produced by the liver from the food we eat. There are two types of diabetes, diabetes 1 is the type where in the people with diabetes do not produce insulin and diabetes 2 is the condition where in the body cannot use insulin properly, insulin is necessary to carry glucose into the liver and body parts. Usually people are diagnosed with the second type of diabetes. About 90 % of those who have diabetes are positive with the type 2 diabetes.

Prevention is always better that cure. There are tips to prevent diabetes (diabetes does damage to the other systems of the body which like the eyes and kidneys.

Prevention Tips for Diabetes

  • Take good care of your meals. Be conscious with the food items you eat. You have to avoid overeating. Eating large meals is not recommended, you can have frequent but small meals. Control meals by following a meal schedule of food items that helps you lower blood sugar.
  • Control your sugar level by eating food rich in fiber, oatmeal and grains are good for the heart. Grain food items should be taken to control blood sugar.
  • Having a regular exercise will help you lose weight and will help you lower your blood sugar making the body work well. The insulin produced is well used by the body with proper exercise. Taking a walk ever day is a good exercise but you have to choose and know what exercises suits you.

Be aware of the condition of those who suffer from diabetes. Having much knowledge about this condition may give you more understanding of the illness. It’s best that you monitor your blood sugar and consult a doctor often so you will know it right away. Be guided so you could have ways in preventing diabetes.




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