Ways to Stay Away From Smoking

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ways to stay away from smokingHaving a healthy lifestyle means living a happy life. If you used to smoke for years, think about it for a day. Have you been doing good, is there anything you have encountered other than the pleasure you get from smoking? If your answer is none, think again. Aren’t you worried about your future? Wouldn’t you want to stay longer, live longer in this world?

Tips on How to Shun from Smoking

It may be  tough to stay away from smoking if you have been doing it for years but it’s not yet too late to do the right things. There are ways to stay away from smoking just like the following tips:

  • Divert your urge to smoke by making yourself busy with activities that you enjoy. Stay away from stress, this will make you crave for one.
  • Have a positive attitude. If you decide to stay away, you have to stick to that. Never win over what you want, stick to your goal.
  • You are more likely to be tempted to smoke when you are with smokers. Avoiding them could help you resist the temptation.
  • Have a supportive family. They must understand you that you are in a difficult and challenging situation and you have to be supported by them.
  • There are those who take candies instead of getting a cigarette. Have that habit too. You can also get nicorette gum for the first weeks and eventually stay away from it after sometime. You will definitely be able to quit smoking.
  • Do not be influenced by others. If they dare you to smoke again, never give in, remember that you have a goal and you have to stick to your goal. Do not lose your focus.
  • You have been so good to yourself for not smoking, continue that. You know the risk of those who smoke and you definitely know what you should do. Give reward for yourself for staying away from cigarette.

Smoking is dangerous to health, it’ll never give you benefits instead you will be addicted but again, there are ways to stay away from smoking. Be at your best and live longer by not smoking.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: General Health
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