What Best Foods to Eat to Stop Diarrhea

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foods to stop diarrheaWhen one experiences watery and loose bowel movements more than three times, and abdominal pain and cramps are present, then most probably that person is battling with bouts of diarrhea. Generally, there are several causes why one’s stomach becomes lousy. Some of these causes are generally mild and usually runs its course for days. Although this can leave one feeling debilitated, mild cases of diarrhea do not require hospitalization. But measures such as diet can help a lot during the situation. With this, you might be wondering what best foods to eat to stop diarrhea are. Find out below.

What Are the Best Foods to Eat to Stop Diarrhea?

For people who are suffering from loose bowel movements, it is extremely important that the sufferer should avoid eating foods during meals that can trigger or aggravate the situation more. One should stick to bland diet such as the BRAT diet which is basically composed of the following food sources:

  • Bananas. Because the fruit is high in potassium, it replaces the electrolyte lost during the episodes of diarrhea. It also has a constipating effect thus making the stools firm.
  • Rice. White rice is a starch which therefore is digested easily by your GI tract. Moreover, it helps is slowing down the production of loose watery stools thus putting an end to the condition.
  • Applesauce. This is a good source of pectin which as we all know is a natural bulking agent.
  • Toast. Plain toast can actually prevent the stomach from building up too much acid which can contribute to the occurrence of more LBM.

On the other hand, tea and yogurt are also added among home remedy list of the best foods to eat to stop diarrhea. For instance, yogurt is said to have live bacteria which is beneficial in fighting off bacteria causing the problem. Food products especially the dairy ones, those with spices, oils, as well as high fiber fruits and vegetables should be avoided for days as it may irritate the intestinal tract.

Finally, if the diarrhea becomes persistent and chronic, make sure that you seek medical treatment to prevent any underlying condition acting up on you. This is what some of the best foods to eat to stop diarrhea are. The BRAT diet is widely available that you can go to your grocery store instantly to make sure that you stick with this bland diet.




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