What is Narcolepsy and Symptoms?

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narcolepsy signs and symptomsA number of sleep disorders affects thousands of people during the lifetime. The most common is insomnia where one experiences lack of sleep. Disturbed sleep or known medically as sleep apnea is also an addition to it. Oftentimes, many people suffer from excessive sleepiness which is otherwise known as narcolepsy.

What is narcolepsy? Well, eMedicine defines narcolepsy as a sleep disorder which results to excessive and severe sleepiness during the daytime. Its exact cause is unknown; however it is associated to genetic reasons alongside abnormality in the brain functions. Oftentimes, sleepiness sets in unsuitable places and events such as cooking and driving. As addition to the above information, this usually lasts from a few seconds to an hour and can happen repetitively throughout the day.

To suffer from the condition is a big pain since they can happen without a warning and might pose one in great danger. On a lighter note, the condition is highly treatable provided that they are consulted to your medical practitioner.

Signs and Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Common symptoms usually seen in a narcoleptic patient include the following:

  • Cataplexy – otherwise known as muscle paralysis. A person with this symptom will just suddenly fall down once struck with cataplexy.
  • Sleep paralysis – the body suddenly can’t be moved once the person is awakened or has fallen asleep.
  • Hypnagogic hallucinations – they occur during the time when the patient is awake and asleep. Dreams especially frightening ones are usually experienced by the sufferer.
  • Automatic behavior – with this, the sufferer can still talk and perform other activities while suffering from sleep episodes, but doesn’t have any memory of doing the things once he’s awakened.

A great amount of prevention is needed to be applied onto the patient since this can create an avenue for accidents and untoward incidents. Therefore, if you think you got this sleep disorder, it is important that you talk with a medical professional to ensure proper medical attention.




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