What Not to Eat When Having a Cold

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What Not to Eat When Having a ColdWhen people are sick, they tend to crave for those food items that supposedly are not good to have an intake when having colds. But given this, they still must be able to avoid for they won’t help you out, instead nor keep you away from colds. Fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary to regain the strength and help make the immune system recover. When the immune system accumulates much toxins, we tend to get illnesses easily and here are some tips on what not to eat when having colds.

Eat Right When You are Fighting a Cold

What not to eat when having a cold:

  • Help rebuild your immune system by eating healthy. Do not eat at fast food chains. It’s true that you have an easy access to those chains but you must stay away from it for the kind of nutrition you get from it is not enough to make you feel strong. Do not compromise. Instead, eat lots of fruits and vegetables which will keep you healthy and strong. It will make you feel better, regain your strength and will make you recover easily.
  • Keep away from alcohol. When you got colds, you have to avoid having vices like drinking alcohol for you won’t feel well if this happens. As a matter of fact, you are adding toxins that are harmful for your body. You are making yourself more prone to diseases. When you are drunk, it won’t let you have a good sleep when in fact you must be able to get meaningful and good sleep during the night because you are sick.
  • Do not eat food items that are high in salt and sugar. They won’t provide you the energy you need. You are sick and you need to have energy. Eat healthy and be strong.
  • Instead of coffee or soda, drink green tea. It is a source of antioxidants that are good for the rebuilding of the cells and boosting the immune system.
  • Avoid junk food. They are empty and you won’t get any from it.

The food items to be avoided above must be taken into consideration to help keep the body regain strength and be healthy. Having colds will never be good so prevention is always better than cure. Take vitamins and eat healthy.




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Date: December 6, 2011 | Category: General Health
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