Xenical Weight Loss Reviews

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xenical weight loss reviewsAre you overweight and are actually looking for what the best way on how to lose weight is? Then most probably, you’ve come across Orlistat Xenical and actually considered taking it. Apparently, there have been a lot of slimming pills surfacing the market which promise to help you lose weight effectively. However, others aren’t just effective or safe to use. Now, let’s take a look at some Xenical weight loss reviews in the Philippines, and see if this is just the right product for you.

What is Xenical Orlistat?

Xenical is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is doctor prescribed unlike Alli which can be bought over the counter. You read it right. This product is something that can’t be bought OTC. This is a drug designed for obese individuals and works by blocking one third of the fat consumed therefore inhibiting fat digestion. The undeposited fat is then expelled through bowel movements.

How to Take the Tablet

The tablet’s main ingredient is Orlistat, and it is taken with meal. Your doctor will probably adjust the dosage on how many tablets you’re going to take. But it is suggested to be taken three times a day. When one forgets to take it with meal, it can still be taken one hour after meal.  When you are taking this prescript drug, it is also important that you include exercise and consumption of low-fat diet.

What are Its Side Effects and Contraindications?

There are a few reported side effects regarding its use. One of the most common reports I’ve read in a forum is that it lets you experience oily spotting in the rectal area. Abdominal cramping and flatulence are also other results of its use. You are also at risk for urinary tract infection alongside gallstone formation. Another thing, it is only used for obese people who have body mass index of 30 or higher than the normal level. It can’t also be used by patients with history of diabetes and elevated blood pressure.

Where to Buy Xenical and How Much is It?

Again, this can be bought with your doctor’s prescription. You can purchase it in your local health stores. Is it cheap, you ask? Unfortunately, the pills are expensive and the 30 tablets cost more than $100.

Finally, you may have heard many stories or testimonials regarding its effectiveness. However, the effect of Xenical varies from one person to another. Therefore, if you feel that you have the need for its use, you can always seek the help of your doctor to prevent you from suffering from any untoward symptoms of effects that the pills can cause.





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